What is reDeploying?

What is “redeploying”? Great question! I am about to retire after a long and “successful” career. “Retiring” per se is not for me. I have too much energy and too many life-passions to just sit on the sideline and play golf five days weekly.

The inspiration to redeploy came from a process of exploration and discovery—spending considerable time prayerfully contemplating what I will do in this next stage of life—based on three specific encounters over the past ten years.

  1. Clarification of my own God-given design and motivations guided by Bill Hendricks of the Giftedness Center.
  2. Learning about the “half time” concept described by Bob Buford’s experiences in his book, Half Time, and the manner in which his “second half” organization helps others find the path from “success to significance.”
  3. Learning and encouragement from the three-stage process of developing “authentic manhood” offered through Robert Lewis’ Men’s Fraternity—and explored with a small group of men who gathered for three years at our church in Moraga, California. Robert Lewis challenges us all not to retire, but to redeploy!

The purpose of reDeploying.org is to encourage you to explore your giftedness—the purpose for which God made the one and only you—and discover ways to transform this giftedness into something more meaningful than what your life may stand for today. I will share with you past experiences—from adolescence, marriage, parenting, coaching, leading…and most importantly, my faith journey—with the objective to encourage your own, personal exploration and discovery.

This space isn’t about religion. It’s about whom we are and how to achieve our full potential. So, while I encourage you to explore and/or grow in your own spirituality, please don’t let your view of or personal experience from religion get in the way. I will simply share some of the things I’ve learned in life so far, some the very hard way, and see where the process leads both of us.

Thanks for joining with me in my process of reDeploying!

3 thoughts on “What is reDeploying?

  1. How relevant to this “third quarter” of our journey! Thank you Gordon. The first statement was so timely and thought provoking, it felt as though I could have written it myself. Reflecting on meaningful roles, challenges and blessings of the first half, I share God’s call to capture, as best we can, that hard earned wisdom and start at the beginning ……in a renewed quest for significance. Is this a life stage more open to closely listening, praying and being guided by faith? Is there a greater sense of purpose with relationships and even casual encounters?
    Last week I was installed on the Board of Trustees for the SF Theological Seminary after nearly 2 years of due diligence (pro and con discussions), discernment and prayer….all the while asking “God, why are you calling (deploying) me here?” While I enjoy exercising my organizational development muscles as a career nonprofit leader, I am humbled by the academic challenge and hearing the stories of students who have sacrificed everything to train for innovative outreach ministries around the world. Have I become a student of a renewed spiritual journey? With a few working years left, am I preparing for deployment?

    • I really appreciate your post, Karen, and was thinking of you this morning. You are clearly reDeployed! How are you finding this new role? (It’s a critical one for the benefit of others!)

  2. Hi there — thanks so much for starting this and sharing it. As a fellow “retiree” it will be interesting to see your approach. I always valued your opinions and concepts when we worked together. Looking forward to more posts. Cheers! Pat

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