Ride the USA-Day 31: Lake Huron

Day 31: Wednesday, June 24—London, ON to Cheboygan, MI

The ride through Canada and back into the USA at Point Edward was quiet and peaceful. I passed lots of wide-open space and farmland. I travel at about the speed limit, but it seemed most drivers ignored it and drove as fast as they wanted. It’s strange to have tractor-trailers and garbage trucks speed by.

2015-06-24 10.25.23

I met Grant in a rest area along 401W in Canada. He was on his way to Saskatoon with his wife to watch their son play in the ISF World Men’s Softball Championship (fast-pitch). I related to him how our son, Kirk, had just played baseball with a team of Sacramento firefighters in the US Police & Fire Championships in San Diego. Grant is retired from ditch digging—laying pipe for farmland as he described it. He was standing behind his new camper on its inaugural voyage. He figured he would know if his wife enjoyed travelling this way if she didn’t get on a plane to fly back home from Saskatoon!

I’d recently read about a vote in Michigan to raise taxes to repair roads…that didn’t pass. I now understand why the article was written. I rolled on some rough stretches that reminded me of the bad stretch of Historic Route 66 I travelled on Day 2!

I enjoyed lunch with some locals at old school H&H Baker and Restaurant of Au Gres. It was a classic, small-town experience.

2015-06-24 16.51.172015-06-24 16.49.322015-06-24 16.48.22I noticed a police car parked in the road with its red and blue lights flashing away as I entered Tawas City. The police officer walked in my direction with his left hand raised in the air. I quickly looked at my speedometer and wondered if I was being pulled over again and why. Suddenly the reason for his stopping me became clear. A mother duck was starting to cross the roadway from an inlet of Lake Huron. Waddling behind her were five little ducklings. They scurried across the road; the officer waved us on, and got back into his car and drove by. I gave him thumbs up. He was a tough-looking guy with a big heart.

Homeowners along the Cedar Lake area seem to have a contest going on for the most creative sign at the entrance to their property on the lake. It was hard to track them all, but I notice a lighthouse, a big fish, a teepee of sorts, and the outline of a tree.

I stopped by the 40 Mile Point Lighthouse, commissioned in 1896.

My Harley was filthy from several says of riding in the rain and muddy gravel. The Best Western was kind enough to let me use their hose to give my bike a needed bath.

2015-06-24 19.34.01I met Roger, a Legion Rider, on a walk to dinner. He’s been riding Hondas for 37 years. Never married, he is devoted to the American Legion. He caught my attention for several reasons, including the fact that Bruce from Richmond had just completed his ride to announce the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII…with American Legion Rider escorts. I didn’t ask Roger about his service to our country. We were having a nice conversation about riding, and it just didn’t seem appropriate. He hails from the Sault Ste. Marie, MI Post 3I. He told me how American Legion Post 396 in Garden City, MI established the first American Legion Riders chapter “just down the road” in 1993. I thanked him for serving.

Route:                   401W, 402W, I69W, I475N, I75N, 23N
Miles Today:         399
Time Today:         9:15
Total Trip Miles:   8,086
Weather:               Overcast in high 50s to sunny in low 90s to cloudy in low 70s
Lunch:                   H&H Bakery & Restaurant of Au Gres
Lodging:                B/W River Terrace
Dinner:                   Bob’s Big Boy

1 thought on “Ride the USA-Day 31: Lake Huron

  1. Gordon … another great day of travel stories that I appreciate & enjoy. Keep in mind that any type of moving violation will show on your driving record & increase insurance premium costs AND that an at fault accident with a duck will really skyrocket your rates ~~! ( because how could the duck be at fault ?? right ! ) .
    Have you been approached about a documentary of your journey yet ? Continue to drive safely & look out for other drivers & ducks as I & others pray for your safety on tis adventure.


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