Ride the Canadian Rockies: Day 9

Saturday, July 30—Jasper, AB to Lake Louise, AB

Just pictures…

2016-07-30 12.34.28

Route:                    H93A, H93
Miles Today:         169
Time Today:         6:35
Total Trip Miles:   2,687
Weather:               Cold and cloudy at 54°F in the morning; thundershowers; to 65°F in the afternoon
Lunch:                   The Pub at The Crossing
Lodging/Dinner:   Lake Louise Inn

4 thoughts on “Ride the Canadian Rockies: Day 9

  1. Hi Gordon,
    Instead of being an executive all those years, you should have been a writer and photographer. What great stuff. On the road again! I didn’t know you were on another road adventure until my wife Judy saw an email from your site. You sure have sparked some old memories for us. Judy’s parents used to live in Kelowna some years ago. At that time Kelowna was very small and the Okanagan Valley was just beginning to develop. We spent many a night at the lodge at Lake Louise, and in Banff and Jasper, as part of trips we made to visit clients in Calgary.

    What beautiful scenery. You have captured it with a photographer’s eye. I’m hoping you will share a few of your pics to use behind quotes for my posts on Twitter. They are beautiful.

    We will continue to follow the rest of your adventure with interest. As a side note, Canadians do receive Fox News, along with CNN, MSNBC and hundreds of other US channels through their various cable companies, depending on the package they purchase. Judy and I get them all. I watch CNN, MSNBC and Fox coverage of the election nightly. This election is more exciting than any soap opera and more unbelievable than any science fiction movie. I would be interested on your take of “The Trumpster”.

    Here’s wishing you a safe journey and all the best to you and your family. Don and Judy MacRae

    • I wondered if you’d spent much time in this area of Canada. It is extraordinarily beautiful!

      I’d be glad to share some photos with you for your Twitter page. Grab them from my blog, or let me know which ones you like and I’ll send you links to originals that will have better resolution.

      I did eventually find Fox News in Canadian hotels. There must have been limited cable service in the first few. I, too, do my best to watch multiple stations to make sure I get a balanced perspective. It’s particularly challenging in this election season…

      I believe “The Trumpster” is a lesser of two evils. I would prefer a more conservative candidate who demonstrates solid character in everything he/she does. While I think the media and Hillary are doing everything they can to distort the truth about Donald, I am not blind to his shortcomings. But it is definitely time for a change in The States.

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