Ride the USA-Day 3: Petrified Forest National Park

Wednesday, May 27— Seligman, AZ to Eagar, AZ

I met Jim, a fellow Harley rider from Pennsylvania, this morning. He and his wife had flown to Phoenix and rented a Harley to enjoy a little touring in the warm, dry climate. We had a nice chat about the bike he owns, the one he rented, and mine. As is typical in front of the cheap motels, the discussion ended in a man-hug and good wishes as though we’d know each other for years. Jim was headed back to Phoenix where he will meet up with his son’s family and go Grand Canyon National Park.

Speaking of the Grand Canyon, as I planned the routes for this trip I scheduled a short day today to create space for a much windier ride tomorrow. I thought about going to the Grand Canyon with the extra time I had in the schedule. Bit a new and good friend of mine, Chris, is a pastor in Flagstaff and I decided it would be more meaningful to connect with Chris. Continue reading