Ride the USA-Day 2: Mohave National Preserve

Tuesday, May 26—Lone Pine, CA to Seligman, AZ

We rose to a beautiful morning in Lone Pine. The Sierra Nevada Range is literally across the street, with the East side of Mount Whitney best viewed just south of Lone Pine.

Eric Freeman was staying a few doors down from us. We made the typical, roadside motel morning connection. We learned Eric and Debbie have a fascination with Highway 395, to the extent that he has developed a website, Eat and Drive Highway 395—Travel Guide, to help other learn about and explore this historical stretch of highway. Continue reading

Ride the USA-Day 1: Yosemite National Park

Monday, May 25—Novato, CA to Lone Pine, CA

I was excited when I woke up this morning about beginning a perimeter-of-the-country ride. My Harley was already packed and ready to roll. Three weeks ago I’d prepared, reviewed and cut a long list of what I needed to take with me, and loaded it all up for a ride to Los Angeles, taking advantage of a planned trip to visit my sister, Janet, and daughter, Jessica. It was a fun ride, complete with rainy weather to test my new rain gear. There’s not a lot of room for luggage on a motorcycle, so packing right is critical to a successful, long-range ride.

I flipped on the starter switch this morning and turned on the iPod connected to the sound system. There was an error message on the screen—“No connection to the iPod”. I tried making a few quick adjustments to no avail. In spite of preparing several days of music for the ride, it was going to start in silence. No worries. The route planned for the first day didn’t really require musical entertainment. God’s creation on the route to Yosemite National Park is stunning. Continue reading